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Arkansas State University

Arkansas State initiated a conservation plan that included different measures one of which was modernization of the lighting systems campus wide. During a one year implementation period, Innovative Power retrofitted existing fixtures to new LED technologies or replaced existing fixtures with new LED fixtures. Lighting controls were also part of the modernization program. Controls were placed on new fixtures in the parking deck dimming the fixtures when no activity was sensed.

Controls also sensed daylight on the perimeter fixtures further cutting energy consumption during daylight hours. Controls were installed in all classrooms allowing stepped dimming whereby fixtures could be turned off at the front of the class during video type presentations with decreased levels of dimming in fixtures toward the rear of the room. Other areas on campus such as offices and various non-educational spaces also received sensing devices. Modernization of the lighting systems on the ASU campus resulted in annual savings of $462,000.00 in electricity costs and $105,000.00 savings in maintenance costs.