Innovative Power Solutions (IPS) is a turn-key electrical and energy management solutions company specializing in commercial/industrial energy audits and building analysis. IPS is a nationwide industry leader in the development of comprehensive client-based energy management plans. Founded in 2003, IPS staff represents more than 40 years in Energy and Electrical services with skills ranging from lighting and load analysis to rate and power factor analysis. IPS specializes in total project management, guiding the client through each step in the Energy Management process.

Our goal is to create the best possible energy/electrical solution for any size project – whether single, intra-building location or large multi-facility complex. IPS completes the project in the shortest amount of time, at the lowest cost to our client. Simply stated, we strive to provide our clients optimal energy savings with maximum ROI (return on investment) and minimal disruption to on-going operations. In order to achieve this, the IPS team aggressively pursues subcontractor and vendor pricing while researching the most sensible, economical solution for a given application.

“Innovative Power Solutions has numerous qualities in their work ethics, but I will start with two that I think are very important when a project is ongoing.

  • Communication: Once IPS is onsite to do the Energy Conservation (EC) audit they do more than just count the lights. They look at the circuits, wiring, Safety and anything else that may cause a problem during the project. During the project the customer is keep up todate and when the project is complete there is a walk through to make sure everything is complete.
  • Flexibility: IPS is willing to work around your production hours whether it is second shift, graveyard or weekends they will do the job according to your schedule.

IPS has worked in several of our divisions’ facilities and, like most projects, there have been problems. But going back to the statement above, “communication”, we worked these problems out to where both parties closed them out to everyone’s satisfaction.

In the future we are scheduled for more EC projects and IPS is scheduled to work with us on these future projects.”

– Tony Cotton / Western Region Engineer / Sonoco