While IPS was founded with a focus on energy efficiency, we are certainly diverse with regard to our capability to perform as a turnkey Electrical solutions company. Through recent acquisitions, IPS has over 40 years of expertise in the ever-evolving Electrical industry.


One of the keys to a successful project is our pre-construction services. It is during this phase that the greatest opportunities exist to have a positive impact on the cost, schedule and value of your project. Our management team has the experience and expertise to provide you with timely and accurate information concerning cost, schedule, alternative solutions, and other value-added opportunities that will aid in making informed decisions as you strive to achieve the most value for your construction dollar while simultaneously meeting the needs of the end user(s). Throughout the Estimating and Budgetary phase, our team is aggressive in our pursuit of subcontractor and vendor pricing without compromising quality.

Our pre-construction services consist of the following general components:

  • Preliminary project meetings

Work with owners and members of the design team to establish:

  • Schedules
  • Estimates and budgets
  • Establish scheduling and shut-down opportunities for work to be performed with minimal disruption to on-going operations

Evaluate value engineering and alternate solutions:

  • Alternative systems and methods
  • Alternative materials and components
  • Availability and practicality of proposed systems and materials
  • Establish schedules of values
  • Issue subcontracts and purchase orders to successful suppliers and subcontractors


IPS is a full service electrical contractor offering a wide range of services for industrial, commercial, institutional and government clientele. We place a high importance in our strong commitment to excellence and our efforts to provide prompt, reliable service to our clients. The success of a project is dependant, largely, on a feasible, sensible and effective game plan. This begins in the pre-construction planning, scheduling and coordination phase, and is carried out with qualified personnel closely monitoring these essential components throughout the duration of the project. No one knows a project as well as the individual(s) who prepared the estimate and schedule. With that in mind, our clients have the added benefit of working with the same project team from pre-construction to project closeout, in an effort to provide a seamless process from conception to completion. Our construction services consist of the following primary components:

  • Regular progress meetings with contractors, owners and members of the design team
  • Weekly safety meetings

Daily management and coordination of field operations:

  • Daily reports
  • Scheduling
  • Quality control
  • Cost management
  • Safety
  • Correspondence and coordination with contractors, owners, city officials and members of the design team
  • Material procurement and coordination with all appropriate parties
  • Coordination of submittals, product data, cut sheets, RFI’s, PR’s, etc…
  • Scheduling testing and inspections as required
  • Effective & efficient resolution with conflicts between contract documents and actual field conditions
  • Obtaining permits and certificates as necessary
  • Prompt attention to A/E, contractor and owner punch lists
  • One year warranty after completion of walk-thru satisfactory to contractor, owner and design team.


Our team is diligent in our efforts of ensuring that all closeout procedures are clearly communicated to the end user(s). While we realize that each project is individualistic, our typical closeout procedures are as follows:

  • O & M Training
  • Manufacturer Warranty Registration
  • As-Built Documentation
  • Attic Stock Material
  • Project Walk-Thru & Punch list Sign-off
  • Utility Service Transfers